SMRT Trains Receives the Global Operations Improvement Award

Singapore Train
3 min readFeb 18, 2021

SMRT Trains Ltd, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) operator in Singapore, received the Global Operations Improvement Award from DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) in January 2021. The MRT network forms the backbone of Singapore’s public transportation system and SMRT serves as the main operator of MRT lines. Let’s check out why SMRT received this prestigious award from DSS.

SMRT staff developed innovative initiatives that helped to increase the safety and reliability of the MRT network. Here are the initiatives taken by SMRT Trains:

• The staff at SMRT developed a laser track trolley for assessing railway tracks. It helped the operator to efficiently perform track assessments.
• SMRT has introduced the Track Access Management System (TAMS) for optimising track booking and control process. Its team can easily perform maintenance activities during the limited engineering hours. The TAMS system is currently being used in the NSEWL, but it will be scaled up to utilised in the Central Circuit Line (CCL).
• SMRT also developed Predictive Decision Support System (PDSS) for data processing and visualisation of asset design, maintenance and condition data.
• The Mobile Operation and Maintenance System (MOMS) collects critical maintenance data for the various teams working so that they can get a holistic view of the maintenance work. Any team of SMRT Trains can provide online updates and do fault reporting on the go through digitalised processes.

Commenting on the awards, Davide Vassallo, the CEO of DuPont Sustainable Solutions said: “These awards celebrate the achievements of companies that have developed innovative approaches to protecting their people and improving their operations. We congratulate all winners on their outstanding performance.”

Other award and accolades received by SMRT:

• The Workplace Safety and Health Innovation Awards 2019 — Gold Award for Speed Tester for Train Traction Control Unit Blower (Rolling Stock) from Singapore Logistics Association and Workplace Safety and Health Council.

• Most Innovative Solution — Land Transport Excellence Awards 2019 from the Land Transport Authority.

• The Most Reliable Line 2019: East-West Line (EWL) — MOT Challenge Shield from the Ministry of Transport, Singapore.

• The Safe Rail Line of the Year — Certificate of Excellence from the Land Transport Authority for North-South Line.

• The Best Land Transport Operations & Maintenance Initiatives — Merit Winner from the Land Transport Authority.

Commenting on the innovative technologies developed by SMRT and how it helped the company grow, SMRT CEO, Neo Kian Hong, said: “SMRT Engineering, our newest Business Group developed to grow our rail engineering expertise, leverages digitalisation and technology to transform the Company and continually upgrade the skills of our workforce.”

Neo Kian Hong further added: “Rail travel is the backbone of the Singapore public transport system. SMRT will continue to play our part in its growth and performance by building competencies and a culture of service excellence.”

SMRT Chairman, Seah Moon Ming, said: “We will innovate and develop new capabilities to grow the Company. We will continue to invest in People and Technology. Kaizen and continuous improvement efforts will also be deepened at the individual, system, and company levels. The philosophy of continuous improvement and transformation is key to our success.”

The innovative technologies launched by SMRT Trains have helped to improve the safety, reliability, efficiency, and quality of the MRT network. DuPont Sustainable Solutions recognised the contributions by SMRT by awarding the company with the Global Operations Improvement Award this year. SMRT has been able to set a benchmark for excellence in the public transportation sector through its initiatives.