SMRT Partners with Grab Driver App

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3 min readOct 22, 2020


A feature-packed taxi driver app solution can help cab drivers to work effectively and productively. From managing real-time cab requests to receiving payments, drivers can get all jobs done easily.

SMRT Corporation, a multi-modal transport service provider in Singapore, and Grab, a Singaporean multinational ride-hailing company, are working on an on-demand driver services platform for SMRT driver partners. These two companies have announced a partnership to develop a Grab Driver app to help drivers manage their requests, earnings, and more. Grab is providing software as a service for SMRT Taxis (a subsidiary of SMRT Corp).

Apart from ride-hailing services, Grab offers transport technology, food delivery, and courier services. Its presence is growing in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and other countries. SMRT Taxis is the third-largest cab operator in Singapore. SMRT Corp. has two more subsidiaries — SMRT Trains (rail operator) and SMRT Buses (bus service operator). Under this partnership, SMRT will replace mobile display terminals on SMRT taxis used by cabbies so that they can accept requests with the Grab Driver app. The app has been launched for SMRT’s taxi drivers from October 1, 2020.

Features of the Grab Driver App

• The app will help taxi drivers to accept jobs from the SMRT booking system, Grab platform, and street hail.
• It has an in-app navigation tool. It will offer real-time updates on road conditions to the drivers.
• The app features a demand heat map to help drivers know the areas with high passenger demand.
• The app aims to reduce wait times, increase opportunities, and bring convenience to SMRT’s taxi partners.
• The registration process has been kept simple in the Grab Driver App. Drivers can log in to the Grab app and activate their account by signing in to SMRT’s driver portal.
• The app has an intelligent allocation technology that will allocate bookings to drivers as per their availability and customer demands.

SMRT Roads President Tan Kian Heong commented: “We have been working with Grab on this project for a year now. This new system will seamlessly integrate Grab’s driver app with our street hail system, providing convenience and more job opportunities to our taxi partners.”

Web Fleet Operations Platform

Grab has designed and developed a web-based fleet operations platform for SMRT. The web portal will help SMRT Taxis to manage its entire fleet and drivers from a central place. The portal will be used to register new driver partners, respond to customer queries, and suspend drivers who are not performing as per SMRT standards. SMRT will send in-app notifications to drivers when they have important announcements to make or track bookings of drivers. SMRT, on the other hand, has established a dedicated cloud-based infrastructure to streamline operations and support drivers.

SMRT provides value to its taxi partners and customers. The company considers its drivers important for their business and constantly look for ways to improve their driving and working experience. Apart from the rental rebates of up to $23 million during the COVID-19 pandemic, SMRT provides many benefits to taxi partners such as the Taxi Share programme, Advanced Driving Assist System (ADAS) in Toyota Prius cars, and the newly launched Grab Driver app.

Mr. Neo Kian Hong, SMRT CEO, commented on the company’s efforts to bring positive changes in the way it operates, “COVID-19 has brought the Company together and it has served as an impetus to drive change.”


SMRT is a leading public transport operator in Singapore while Grab is a dominant ride-hailing business here. The partnership between SMRT and Grab will not only help SMRT drivers but it will also improve customer experiences.