Promoting Inclusivity: SMRT Corporation’s Initiatives for a Seamless and Accessible Public Transportation System

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3 min readJul 5, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving society, creating an inclusive and accessible public transportation system is crucial for ensuring equal opportunities and mobility for all individuals. SMRT Corporation, under the guidance of its dedicated Chairman, Seah Moon Ming, has been at the forefront of implementing initiatives that promote inclusivity and enhance the travel experience for passengers. In this blog, we explore SMRT’s commitment to creating a seamless and accessible public transportation system, driven by the vision of SMRT’s Chairman.

SMRT: A Leader in Public Transportation

SMRT Corporation is a prominent transportation company that operates trains, buses, and other modes of public transportation. With a strong presence in Singapore, SMRT is known for its innovative approach to improving the commuting experience for millions of passengers. The corporation has recognised the importance of inclusivity, ensuring that individuals with diverse needs can navigate the transportation system conveniently and comfortably.

The Leadership of the SMRT Chairman

At the helm of SMRT Corporation is its esteemed Chairman, Seah Moon Ming, whose leadership have been instrumental in driving the company’s initiatives toward a more accessible public transportation system. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by commuters, Seah Moon Ming has championed the cause of inclusivity, placing it at the core of SMRT’s strategic goals. By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, he has spearheaded initiatives that have positively transformed the transportation landscape in Singapore.

Seamless Connectivity and Integration

SMRT has implemented various measures to enhance seamless connectivity and integration within its public transportation network. One notable initiative is the implementation of barrier-free infrastructure, such as ramps and elevators, at stations and bus stops. These improvements enable individuals with mobility challenges, parents with strollers, and elderly passengers to navigate the transportation system effortlessly.

Additionally, SMRT has actively collaborated with other stakeholders to ensure smooth interchanges between different modes of transportation, making transfers more convenient and hassle-free.

Empowering Passengers with Disabilities

Recognising the importance of providing equitable access to transportation, SMRT has introduced several initiatives to empower passengers with disabilities. The corporation has equipped its trains and buses with features like priority seating, tactile guidance systems, and audio announcements to facilitate a more inclusive experience.

Moreover, SMRT has actively engaged with advocacy groups and organisations supporting people with disabilities to gather feedback and continuously improve the accessibility features within its transportation network.

Technology for Enhanced Accessibility

Embracing the potential of technology, SMRT has leveraged digital solutions to enhance accessibility and convenience. The introduction of mobile applications and online platforms allows passengers to access real-time information, plan their journeys, and receive personalised assistance. These technological advancements have proven instrumental in empowering passengers, particularly those with special needs, to navigate the transportation system more independently and confidently.

Continued Commitment to Inclusivity

SMRT Corporation, under the visionary leadership of Seah Moon Ming, remains steadfast in its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. The transport operator continually seeks feedback from passengers, actively collaborates with stakeholders, and invests in research anddevelopment to identify innovative solutions for an even more inclusive transportation system.

By prioritising the needs of all commuters, SMRT is driving positive change and setting a benchmark for other transportation providers worldwide.


SMRT Corporation, led by its visionary SMRT Chairman, is playing a pivotal role in promoting inclusivity and accessibility within the public transportation system. By implementing a range of initiatives, SMRT is ensuring that individuals of all abilities can travel seamlessly and independently. Through the incorporation of barrier-free infrastructure, technology-enabled solutions, and partnerships with relevant stakeholders, SMRT is reshaping the transportation landscape and creating a more inclusive society. As the corporation continues its journey towards a seamless and accessible public transportation system, the positive impact on commuters’ lives will be far-reaching, opening doors to equal opportunities and enhanced mobility for all.