LTA To Improve Flow at Sengkang LRT Station with Designated Platforms for East, West Loops

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2 min readMar 20, 2024

For years, SMRT has been at the forefront of safe, reliable, convenient, and affordable transportation means. Working-class individuals, students, homemakers, and business professionals prefer to travel via SMRT to save time, effort, and money. Running successfully and rapidly growing under the leadership of SMRT Chairman Seah Moon Ming, this public transportation system is making exponential improvements in maintaining train frequency, platform security, and maintaining sustainable transportation means. One more advancement that SMRT has witnessed is improving the flow at Sengkang LRT station by having designated platforms for the East and West Loops.

Here in this blog, we will explore how Sengkang LRT has improved the flow of commuters by offering designated platforms for the East West Loops, ensuring seamless travel and interchange ahead.

Improvement in LRT Network for Growing Commuters

Over time, SMRT has extended its train network and services while implementing innovative safety precautions for commuter convenience. Recently, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has made significant enhancements to the Sengkang LRT station platform for both the East and West Loops. This means there are now designated platforms for commuters heading towards the East or West loops.

Previously, the Sengkang LRT station platform involved each platform serving both loops in an anti-clockwise direction back to the Sengkang LRT Station.

Now, commuters can conveniently queue on Platform 1 or 2, which are demarcated with colored lines indicating the respective loop, facilitating easier boarding.

Additional Enhancements at Sengkang LRT Station

In addition to designated platforms, residents of Sengkang and Punggol will experience shorter waiting times as the line fleet will be boosted by 25 new 2-car trains. This will ensure an ideal frequency of trains arriving at the respective stations, meeting the commuting requirements of many people.


SMRT, a leading public transportation system in Singapore continues to evolve, extend, and upgrade its services for the convenience of passengers. As per the recent announcement, Sengkang LRT will have designated platforms for East and West loops to ensure a convenient transition for passengers.