How SMRT Ensures Safety By Stopping Smoking Activity in Trains

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2 min readNov 7, 2023

SMRT, one of the leading public transportation systems of Singapore, is more like a lifeline of the nation for the benefit of daily commuters. For years, SMRT has had to shorten city-specific long-distance travel for the convenience of passengers to save on time, effort, money, and other things. Helmed under the influential leadership of SMRT Chairman Seah Moon Ming, this public transportation system continues to evolve with the changing times and diverse traveling needs. Not only this, keeping the daily journey of passengers safe, protected, and actionable is one of the objectives of SMRT. Concerning the same, SMRT continues to follow stringent security measures at the train stations and inside trains to make sure people feel safe. In one of the incidents, SMRT professionals took strict action against an unmasked man smoking openly inside the train. And further prevent such unlawful activity to maintain the safety of commuters.

Keeping Trains Inside Safe & Maintain Public Behaviour

For years, SMRT has been helping daily commuters save their travel time, effort, and money to an optimum extent. This has been made possible with the help of extended train lines across Singapore, along with numerous interconnected stations. Another way, SMRT is making convenient travel for people through protective measures to maintain passengers’ safety and to control unlawful behavior of people at the stations and inside trains. For instance, SMRT restricts the littering of cigarettes at train stations and inside trains to maintain the health and safety of passengers.

Preventing Smoking Inside Trains to Maintain A Healthy Travel Experience

In one of the instances, SMRT stopped the unlawful smoking activity inside the trains, which further led to additional restrictions. In one of the incidents, one passenger was reported to be smoking inside the train. The incident was reported after a video went viral on social media, followed by a complaint against that passenger despite smoking an e-cigarette. From that time onwards, SMRT made some strict moves to stop such incidents and even put a fine of $200 to $1,000 if someone was caught inside the train smoking, even if it was an e-cigarette. It might be followed by convicting that person inside the courtroom.


SMRT continues to make daily travel seamless and protected for a large scale of passengers. The premium rail corporation even conducts strict action against unlawful behavior of people to ensure hassle-free transportation ahead.