How Does SMRT Run Maintenance Work While the City is Sleeping

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2 min readOct 7, 2023

A seamless public transport is the lifeline of any particular region. It assures a safe, reliable, and comfortable travel experience for all people and saves a considerable amount of time, effort, and money. In a similar fashion, SMRT, under the influential leadership of expert SMRT CEO and SMRT Chairman, is making the life of daily commuters simple and hassle-free while experiencing comfortable travel. In a way, SMRT is connecting the lives of people all across Singapore by providing easy travel access to different areas at cost-effective prices. One of the integral reasons to provide a trusted travel experience to all is because of timely maintenance and rigorous service work. That’s the reason why here, in this blog, we will highlight different ways efficient workers of SMRT perform the day-to-day maintenance of trains, platforms, and railway tracks, specifically when the city has fallen asleep.

Nighttime Maintenance of SMRT When City Falls Asleep

Working successfully under the leadership of SMRT CEO, the leading transportation network is meant for its reliability and offering a safe travel experience. End-to-end maintenance is the key to ensuring all these virtues are met. For this reason, efficient workers of SMRT work at night to perform manifold repair work, replace defective parts, and do other things based on the following key points.

· Around 100m of rail is changed every night to ensure smooth and safe travel for millions of passengers during the daytime.

· Nearly 3-hour repair work and maintenance window is available for the efficient workers of SMRT between 1:30 AM and 4:30 AM.

· Track renewal activity is carried out up to five sites along the NSEWL every single night.

· The 35 km Circle line, which started way back in 2009, will require a high tempo of rail replacement to ensure a smooth travel experience.

· Another complicated work carried out during nighttime by SMRT workers is mechanically diverting trains from one line to another.

· On a daily basis, SMRT workers plan for replacement works on the NSEWL.

· Also, based on the real-time data, repair work and maintenance plans are changed accordingly.


SMRT is meant to provide seamless travel across Singapore to millions of commuters on a daily basis. One of the peculiar reasons behind this travel comfort is because of every single night maintenance and repair work done by SMRT professionals. Especially when the city has fallen asleep and further wakes up the effective public transportation system.