A New Era of City Living: Singapore’s Vision for a 45-Minute Commute

Singapore Train
3 min readApr 3, 2023

Singapore is a city-state that has always been known for its impeccable infrastructure and efficient transport system. However, in recent years, the government has taken a step further and laid out a vision for a new era of city living where citizens can enjoy a 45-minute commute to work. This move is part of Singapore’s plan to transform its transport system and make the city more liveable for its citizens. In this blog, we will take a closer look at Singapore’s vision for a 45-minute commute and what it means for the future of city living.

The Vision for a 45-Minute Commute

The Singapore government’s vision for a 45-minute commute is a radical departure from the traditional way of thinking about transportation. In the past, transportation planning has focused on improving the speed and efficiency of public transport systems. However, the government’s new approach is to make sure that citizens can reach their destinations in a reasonable amount of time without sacrificing their quality of life. The idea is to create a city where people can live, work, and play within a short distance of each other.

To achieve this vision, the government is planning to invest heavily in public transportation. The goal is to create a network of efficient and reliable public transportation options that will connect different parts of the city. This includes expanding the subway system, improving bus services, and introducing new forms of transport, such as autonomous vehicles and bike-sharing programs. By doing so, the government hopes to reduce traffic congestion and make it easier for citizens to move around the city.

Benefits of a 45-Minute Commute

A 45-minute commute has several benefits for citizens.

• It reduces the amount of time that people spend traveling to and from work. This means that citizens have more time to spend with their families, pursue their hobbies and interests, and engage in leisure activities.

• It also reduces stress levels and improves the overall quality of life for citizens.

• In addition, it will promote economic growth by increasing access to jobs, education, and services.

Achieving the 45-Minute Commute Vision

Singapore plans to achieve the 45-minute commute vision through a combination of public transportation, cycling, and pedestrian walking systems. The city-state already has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, trains, and taxis.

The government and Land Transport Authority (LTA) plan to continue investing in public transportation, adding new lines and upgrading existing ones. The rail network is a major backbone of Singapore’s public transport system. To provide safe, reliable, and caring journeys for all commuters, SMRT Corporation, a leading transport operator, launched Project Overwatch to enhance the workings at Operations Control Centre (OCC) and improve rail service reliability. Seah Moon Ming, the SMRT Chairman will work together with LTA and the government to deliver safe, reliable, and commuter-centred services in a sustainable manner so that they can move people and enhance lives. While Ngien Hoon Ping, who joined SMRT as Group CEO recently, will help SMRT in digitalisation and process improvements.

The city-state also plans to improve its cycling infrastructure, with more dedicated bike lanes and parking facilities. Walking will also be promoted, with better sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.


Singapore’s 45-minute commute vision represents an ambitious and forward-thinking approach to city planning. By reducing the time and cost of commuting, the city-state aims to create a more liveable, sustainable, and economically vibrant city. Achieving this vision will require significant investment and changes in behaviour, but the benefits for residents, businesses, and the environment are well worth it.